• Promote market-based policies that recognize the practical and economic benefits of CCS.

  • Educate state and local stakeholders regarding the CCS industry, including CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and its national   security and environmental benefits.

  • Promote practices, programs and policies that position Texas in the forefront of clean energy and energy security efforts.

  • Promote  the development of CO2 storage and injection methods that contribute to recovering oil in place from existing oil and gas   reservoirs.

  • Recognize geological storage of CO2 as an acceptable emissions reductions methodology that has national security (as related to   energy independence) as well as environmental benefits.

  • Work to endorse CO2 for EOR as a CCS activity under existing and future regulatory protocols.

  • Identify business spin-offs and promote policies that attract foreign and new market-based CCS business opportunities to Texas.

  • Inform members about policy, legal, regulatory and technical developments related to CCS through information sharing and   analysis.

  • Work closely with sources and users of coal, chemical companies, refineries, manufacturing, and producers, transporters and   users of CO2, to develop CCS technology and practices.

  • Work closely with legislators, state agencies and state officials on policies that promote CCS and energy independence.

  • Develop and promote adoption of a voluntary CCS certification and permitting program through the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
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